Crafts for the Thanksgiving Table

This year, in the USA, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving one week from today — on Thursday, November 23, 2017. Maybe you celebrate this holiday, and maybe you don’t…Either way, I’d like to point you in the direction of some free, crafty ideas and instructions for setting a lovely table.

  • This page features a whole bunch of different napkin rings you could make for your holiday table settings — Thanksgiving or otherwise. Some of these ideas are so super simple that you’ll barely need the tutorials. Others are so complex that your dinner guests will be dazzled by your creativity. Whether you’re looking for quick, easy ideas or projects that or more in-depth, either way, you can’ go wrong with this list.
  • Crocheted placemats are ideal for Thanksgiving and other holidays. To make a placemat, crochet a rectangle of any stitch — perhaps half double crochet stitch — and then add a fancy crocheted edging. To make them extra special, you could also add gorgeous ribbon embellishments in holiday-friendly colors.
  • This list of Thanksgiving crafts includes even more fantastic patterns, ideas and inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving go all our readers in the USA!