Welcome to our main directory of free beadwork patterns, instructions and tutorials. The following links will take you to pages on our website relating to the topic of crafting with beads.

Our goal is to feature a wide variety of different beadwork techniques and ideas, but at the moment, the majority of our pattern collection focuses on bead crochet, which is one of our areas of expertise.

We hope you’ll enjoy these patterns, and that you’ll use them to make many lovely beadwork projects.

How to Wire Crochet With Beads -- Free Tutorial With Napkin Ring Pattern

How to Crochet With Wire and Beads — If you’ve never tried to do wire crochet using beads, this tutorial will help get you started. The tutorial includes intructions for one of the easiest stitches using this technique, plus instructions for using the stitch to make a beaded napkin ring (although I am sure you will want to use the stitch in other ways as well, so I discuss some other possibilities too.)

Even if you already know how to do wire crochet, this is a pattern you might enjoy; the napkin rings are gorgeous, and they’re nice to have on hand at times when you entertain, particularly during the holiday season.

Free Christmas Beading Patterns

Free Christmas Beading Patterns — Combine beadwork designs with a Christmas theme, to get extra-special gift-worthy results.

This page was last updated on 12/12/2018.

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