Free Christmas Beading Patterns

Beading is a fantastic way to add sparkle, shimmer and shine to your Christmas holiday season. Christmas presents the perfect opportunity for crafting beaded jewelry, beaded Christmas tree ornaments, and lovely beaded gifts to give to friends, relatives and colleagues. If you’d like to get started on a Christmas-themed project with beads, we suggest using any of these outstanding free patterns.

Beaded Christmas Napkin Ring Pattern — Could your holiday table settings use a dose of sparkle and pizzazz? If so, consider making yourself a set of beaded Christmas napkin rings. Add cloth napkins for extra chic. These fabulous accents will become a cherished part of your Christmas decor for years to come.

Beaded Snowflake Design.

Beaded Snowflake There are limitless ways to display this enchanting beaded snowflake. Pictured here, you see it as the “crown jewel” on a tiny mini scrapbook album; the album could be used as a Christmas album, and you could put holiday photos on its pages. I used mine in a slightly different way; mine contains photos from one of my husband’s skiing vacations.

If you’d rather use the snowflake in other ways, please feel free.

A Free Pattern for Making a Beaded Holiday Bracelet.

The Holiday Sparkle Bracelet — This Christmas, here’s hoping that your wrists will be adorned with baubles that are merry and bright! This dazzling bracelet is one possibility for helping you to accomplish that goal. It doesn’t take much time to crochet this beautiful bracelet, and it also doesn’t involve a significant investment in materials — especially since the pattern for the bracelet is free. If you like the design, or you have a friend or loved one who would like it, we invite you to try crocheting the bracelet using the beadwork pattern linked here.

Beaded Cuff Bracelet.

Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Continuing with the beaded bracelet theme, here’s a pretty beaded cuff bracelet you can make using wire. This is a dramatic piece of jewelry that’s lovely to wear during the Christmas holiday season; it would be a chic way to accessorize a cocktail dress, or really, to accessorize any Christmas-themed party attire.

It would also make a worthy gift for the jewelry-enthusiasts on your gift list. In my opinion, it looks much, much more expensive than it really was to make.

Star-Shaped Felt Ornament With Bead Embroidery — This small stuffed star is made of felt and embellished with beads.

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