6 Free Patterns for Cross Stitch on Crochet

Do you love to cross stitch? Have you ever given any thought to all the different surfaces you could cross stitch on? If you’re used to cross stitching on aida fabric, perhaps you didn’t realize that there are bunches of other options. Or maybe you realized there were other possibilities, but the other options seemed too challenging to even consider.

Don’t get me wrong; I adore my aida fabric, and I won’t be giving it up any time soon. But sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different — and one of my favorite techniques is cross stitching onto a crocheted background.

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet:

First, you crochet the piece you’ll want to cross stitch on top of. There are many different stitches you could use, but it works well with either afghan stitch or single crochet.

However many squares you want to end up with — that’s the number of stitches you crochet. Remember that with single crochet, you’d have to work one extra chain in your foundation chain, and with afghan stitch, you’d have to work two extra chains for the math to work out right.

Then you can just cross stitch your design onto the piece you crocheted, using a tapestry needle threaded with the same sized yarn or crochet thread you used for working the ground.


Free Patterns for Cross Stitch on Crochet

Ready to give it a try? Here are some free patterns you can grab online to get started with:

  1. Crochet Heart Square

    If you like the way this square looks, there are several different approaches you could take to crocheting it. One of the methods involves cross stich on crochet; the others do not. You can take your pick of them. Free charts and patterns are available online for the different versions of the design.

  2. Christmas Tree Motif With Cross Stitch — Basic Crocheted Square

    If you celebrate Christmas, and you are interested in trying projects that utilize several different needlework techniques, this crocheted afghan square is a project you might enjoy. You combine tapestry crochet, traditional crochet and cross stitch to create this square.

    The Christmas tree motifs are simple and graphic, and I think it would be fun to get creative with embellishing them. How about stitching some buttons or beads onto the tree to look like little Christmas ornaments?

  3. Christmas Blanket With Crochet and Cross Stitch

    A Christmas-themed blanket is one creative way to use the Christmas tree square linked above.

  4. Christmas Pillow

    If matching sets appeal to you, you can crochet both this pillow and the blanket linked above. If matching sets aren’t your thing, no worries, you can make either item all by itself.

  5. Red and White Striped Christmas Potholder With Cross Stitch

    Cross stitch adds eye appeal to this pretty Christmas potholder.

  6. Crochet and Cross Stitch Heart Edging — Free Pattern

    Here’s a unique way to say “I Love You”: add a fancy heart edging onto a special project you’ll be giving to your loved one.

  7. Crochet and Cross Stitch Heart Edging: Free Pattern
    Crochet and Cross Stitch Heart Edging: Free Pattern

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