DIY Scrubbies: Free Scrubbie Instructions and Patterns

Are you interested in learning how to make DIY scrubbies using crochet, yarn and / or recycled / upcycled materials such as plastic produce bags or plastic grocery bags made into “plarn” (plastic yarn)? If so, read on to find free crochet scrubbie patterns and instructions. You’ll find patterns for making dish scrubbies, pot scrubbers, plarn scrubbies and crochet scrubbies made out of yarn.

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Crochet Pot Scrubbie: Free Pattern

Free Crochet Pot Scrubbie Pattern
Free Crochet Pot Scrubbie Pattern

This crochet pot scrubbie is just what you need for cleaning yucky, messy pots and pans. This project is quick to make, and it’s seriously useful to have hanging around your kitchen.

DIY Gauge Swatch Scrubbie: Free Instructions

Wondering what to do with your gauge swatches when you’re finished crocheting or knitting them? Once they’ve served their original purpose, you can transform them into useful scrubbies for washing your dishes. Get free instructions for this at

We hope you’ll find these free scrubbie patterns useful, and than you’ll be able to use these patterns for making bunches of DIY scrubbies to clean your dishes and all other relevant surfaces in your kitchen.

This page was last updated on 12/2/2018.

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