16 Ways to Make Napkin Rings

Do you ever entertain others at home? If so, you’re probably excited about setting an attractive table that will impress your guests and make them feel special. Perhaps they’ll even marvel at your hospitality, and your creativity.

There are bunches of different ways to ensure that your table settings will impress. One is to use cloth napkins nestled in fabulous, gorgeous napkin rings.

They can’t be any old napkin rings. They have to look right with the dinnerware, the crystal, the silverware and rest of the decor — no easy task. But, the task gets a little easier if you take charge of the napkin rings and make them exactly the way you want them — in the colors and style that you want.

That’s what this page is all about, dear reader: helping you find exactly the right napkin ring pattern that will enhance your lovely table settings. We invite you to browse through this collection of 16 different ways to make napkin rings. These patterns and instructions are all free on the Internet, so grab as many as you like — and use them to make napkin rings for any occasion in which you might want to entertain.

1. Easy Wide Ribbon Napkin Rings

Make Easy Napkin rings Using Wide Ribbon
Make Easy Napkin rings Using Wide Ribbon

This is one of the easiest napkin ring projects you could ever ask for.

2. Easy Narrow Ribbon Napkin Rings

Easy DIY Napkin Rings Made With Narrow Ribbon
Easy DIY Napkin Rings Made With Narrow Ribbon

This is another super easy napkin ring project you can make.

3. Bead Crochet Napkin Rings

Make a Set of Gorgeous Beaded Napkin Rings Using the Wire Crochet Technique With Beads
Make a Set of Gorgeous Beaded Napkin Rings Using the Wire Crochet Technique With Beads

Get a free step-by-step tutorial and pattern for crocheting these sparkly napkin rings using beads and wire. These could be used to dress up a holiday table, but they’re ideal for any time you want to entertain, holiday or not.

4. Wire Crochet Napkin Rings

These gorgeous napkin rings are suitable for everyday use, and for special occasions too. This project is a fantastic introduction to the wire crochet technique.

5. Beaded Christmas Napkin Rings

Make Beaded Christmas Napkin Rings With This Free Pattern
Make Beaded Christmas Napkin Rings With This Free Pattern

These beaded napkin rings are so pretty. They will add delightful touches of shimmer and color to your Christmas dinner table.

6. Upcycled Pull Tab Napkin Rings

If you feed canned food to a dog or cat, you can use the pull tabs from the pet food cans to make these fab upcycled napkin rings.

7. Felt Acorn Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

Nicole at Tikkido.com shares this tutorial for making simple, chic napkin rings featuring felted acorns as the focal point.

8. Autumn Napkin Rings With Felted Acorns

Stef at “The Girl Inspired” blog runs with the same basic idea, but in this post she shows you how to make eye-catching napkin rings featuring felted wool balls, carefully-cleaned acorn caps, and machine-stitched or hand-embroidered felt leaf shapes. These napkin rings would be a beautiful addition to Thanksgiving table settings, or for everyday use during the fall season.

9. Paper Flower Napkin Rings

If you have a Cricut machine, you can use it to craft three-dimensional flowers for adorning these napkin rings. This is another free tutorial by Stef at “The Girl Inspired” blog.

10. Beaded Flower Napkin Rings

At the Bead’s Knees UK website, you’ll find a tutorial for making beaded flower napkin rings.

11. Chunky Beaded Napkin Rings

Over at UncommonDesignOnline, you’ll find a free tutorial for making a set of shimmery, chunky beaded napkin rings by Heather.

12. Jeweled Vintage Napkin Rings

Mitzi at Mitzi’s Miscellany shows you how to dress up vintage napkin rings using mismatched earrings or jewelry pieces.

13. How to Make Lace Napkin Rings

Here’s an easy project for those of you who want a feminine or romantic look for your table. These would be lovely to use when hosting a wedding reception, a girl’s birthday party, a Mother’s Day brunch, any Valentine’s Day party or dinner, a wedding anniversary dinner or any romantic meal when you’re dining in with your sweetheart.

14. Layered No-Sew Ribbon Napkin Rings

If you have a hot-glue-gun and some ribbon handy, you could make these easy napkin rings. Come to think of it, you probably don’t need a tutorial to tell you this — but if you want to see how another crafter did hers, this page could prove to be inspiring and motivating.

15. Beaded Wire Knit Napkin Rings

For patient, advanced knitters: Erika Knight designed these intricate beaded napkin rings that you can knit using craft wire and size 9 knitting needles..

16. Yoga Mat Napkin Rings

I’m not convinced that it’s a good idea to cut up old used yoga mats and transform them into napkin rings. It strikes me as not being very sanitary, and also it’s doubtful that the materials used in the mats are food-grade. But if none of that bothers you, and you have a yoga mat that you want to cut up, then this is the tutorial for you.

So there you have it: 16 different ways to make napkin rings. We hope you found the inspiration you need to get started with crafting a set of lovely napkin rings for your table.

This page was last updated on 12-3-2018.