Knit or Crochet Yourself a Pair of Texting Gloves

Crochet Rainbow Texting Gloves: Free Pattern
Crochet Rainbow Texting Gloves: Free Pattern

Mobile technology is a top trend in 2019. And along with smartphones, tablets and hand-held GPS systems came a need for gloves that could be worn while using these gadgets. Enter the texting gloves trend.

If you own a pair of texting gloves, it’s a lot easier to use your phone and other devices while you’re warming up the car, waiting at a bus stop, boating in the early morning hours or keeping an eye on your kids at the playground. You won’t have to fumble to take your gloves off before you can swipe. Don’t you agree these are an excellent invention?

The best part of all this? You don’t have to buy texting gloves. If you know how to knit, crochet or sew, you can make your own. I’ve compiled a list of knitting and crochet patterns for texting gloves that will most certainly be of interest to you if you want to try this. I hope you’ll enjoy the patterns, and that you’ll make yourself a lovely new pair of texting gloves.

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