Mosaic Art

A mosaic artist creates mosaic art by assembling small pieces of material such as broken china, colored glass, stone, fired ceramic bits or other substances. Some mosaic artists include broken jewelry, toys, mirrored pieces or other objects in their mosaic art.

Mosaic art is sometimes used to cover pieces of furniture or home accessories. For example, tables might have tops decorated with mosaic, and mirrors might have frames adorned with mosaic.

Mosaic can be used as a decorative surface. Sometimes it’s used inside a building — for example, to cover a wall in a bathroom or a backsplash in a kitchen. There are church buildings with magnificent mosaic surfaces.

Some of the Best Places to View Inspiration for Mosaic Art

Avalon, California

Avalon, California is home to some stunning examples of vintage mosaic art murals depicting Catalina Island’s history. Some of these historic murals adorn the walkway leading to the Casino. They depict subjects such as the island’s famous herd of bison; flying fish; and others.

One of the things that makes these mosaic art murals extra special: They’re composed of colorful, hand glazed decorative art tiles. They are exquisitely beautiful. If you ever have a chance to travel to Catalina Island, you simily must see them.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

My favorite exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is an exhibit of Italian mosaics. The pieces include various jewelry items and pieces of furniture. They are all incredible. If you ever have the chance to view the exhibit, definitely do it!

I couldn’t actually find any pictures of these mosaics at the LACMA website, but they have quite a few photos of some other mosaic art pieces from their permanent collection.

Beit Kama Kibbutz in the Northern Negev, Israel

There is a spectacular Byzantine-era mosaic floor in the northern Negev desert in Israel. It has survived in remarkably good condition considering its age. Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have estimated it to be around 1,500 years old! I had a chance to visit the scene and see this spectacular mosaic person when it was originally discovered in 2013.

Another interesting thing you can view at Kibbutz Kama is an ancient water system featuring pools and channels.

In general, Israel is a fantastic place to view mosaic art, both ancient and contemporary. Park Baltimore in Ashkelon, Israel has a wonderful display of contemporary mosaic art that is well worth viewing.

Tutorials for Making Your Own Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art Supplies

Want to get started with creating mosaic art? The following is a brief list of things you could use in your mosaic creations. This list covers some of the more popular items mosaic artists use for attaching to their project bases. In addition to any of the items listed here, you’d also need adhesive, a good grout, and a base or surface to mosaic.

How to Cut Mosaic Tiles From China Plates

China plates give you one of the least expensive options for mosaic art supplies. A lot of times, people will give you their broken plates if they know you’ll use them for making art. You can also buy chipped, damaged or unwanted plates from thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores and secondhand shops.

But once you’ve secured the plates, then what? How do you make them into mosaic tiles? This guide will teach you how to do it, step by step.

There is much more to learn about mosaic art, but these are some of the most important things you need to know about this artform. I hope you found these pages helpful.

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