Spin Art

Some painting methods are easier than others. This spin painting method is the easiest one that I know of; it’s incredibly easy to get good results with it, even for people who swear they have no artistic talent. Maybe you can’t draw a straight line, but I bet you will be able to paint lovely circles and spirals easily when you use this method to do it. There’s sound science behind this approach; centrifugal force does most of the work for you in this painting method. I hope you’ll give it a try!

How to Draw or Paint a Still Life

This in-depth guide focuses on several important aspects of composing and painting still life artwork, including composition, color choices and more. The guide includes a couple of stunning historic examples of still life painting, plus plenty of workbook-style questions you can answer to stimulate your own ideas for creating amazing still life art.

DIY Hand-Painted Medallion

For the mixed media artist: free instructions and inspiration for creating a hand-painted medallion design.

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