Quilting: Learn all about quilting here.
Quilting: Learn all about quilting here.

Quilting is one of the loveliest possible ways to enhance your home decor and your wardrobe.

Quilting can be a frugal, thrifty craft if your intention is to reclaim fabrics from items you no longer need. Quilting was extremely popular during the depression-era 1930s. Instead of buying new fabrics, people reclaimed fabrics from old clothing and other textiles, and re-purposed them into quilted bedding and other items.

Currently, bed quilts and baby quilts are still some of the most popular quilting projects with contemporary crafters. Other popular quilting projects include quilted coats, vests, jackets, placemats, pillows, ornaments, Christmas stockings, handbags, tote bags, purses and diaper bags.

Nowadays, some people still practice frugality with their quilting, while others prefer to buy large quantities of the latest, most artistic fabrics available to use.

Either approach is valid.

If you’re interested in quilting in any form, we invite you to make use of the following quilting and sewing pages that are available on our website:

A Book Review of Farmhouse Style Quilting

Farmhouse-Style Quilting, published by Annie's
Farmhouse-Style Quilting, published by Annie’s

Modern farmhouse style has been one of the hottest decorating trends lately, and it is still going strong in 2019. If this aesthetic appeals to you, and you’re interested in DIY projects that reflect the style, Farmhouse-Style Quilting is a book you need to know about. The book includes 14 up-to-date projects that are all curated around the farmhouse style / country style decorating theme. The book includes patterns for making bed quilts, quilted pillows, a table topper, placemats, a baby quilt and other projects. Many of these are easy enough for total beginners to succeed with; and some of the patterns are for intermediate-level quilters.

Learn More About This Book:

How to Reclaim Fabric From Thrift Store Clothing for Use in Your Quilts

Thrift stores can be a fantastic source of affordable fabrics for your quilting projects. Let’s discuss some ideas for how to best approach the task of reclaiming and re-purposing fabrics to use them for quilting.

How to Organize Sewing Thread Using the Artbin Thread Storage Tray

There you can see my sewing thread organized neatly in the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and the Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers.
There you can see my sewing thread organized neatly in the ArtBin Thread Storage Tray and the Super Satchel 1-Compartment Craft Organizers.

If your thread collection has gotten out of hand, and you can’t find any of the threads you need when you need them, it’s time to get yourself a new thread organizer. I invite you to check out this review of the Artbin Thread Storage Tray.

Best Christmas Gifts for Quilters

If you’re in need of a Christmas gift for a quilter on your gift list, check out our Christmas Gift Guide for Quilters.

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